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If there is anything you would like to tell me, please say it here.

Oh and, I don't really know anything about Catholicism other that what I can look up. So if I ever say something horribly wrong or ridiculous feel free to correct me. The Church of Trinity Blood seems to be most similar to the Church of the Renaissance around the 14th and 15th century. It's also been a bit skewed by 1000 years and lost history. So I'm trying hard to keep that in mind.


Papal robes: x
(Includes crown, cape, vestments, rosary, shoes, gloves.)

Civilian Clothes:
Brown Suit: X



Confession II (Phone)

[It had been hard for Alessandro since he awoke in Mayfield, especially hard after her found himself erased, especially during the holidays.... But if it was one thing Alessandro could do, it was move on rather well. Lots of things hit him hard, but he always managed to move on somehow, perhaps it was a special skill in denial, or perhaps it was proof he could be strong in his own way. Either way Alessandro needed to think of something else, and the only thing he could do was try and adhere to his duties no matter how much they scared him.]


[He hesitated, his soft voice barely above a whisper over the phone line.]

I... I w-was wondering... even though the h-holidays have p-passed us... I... I'm t-terribly sorry about that.... B-but... if... if anyone was i-interested I... I think th-there should be a p-proper service a-anyway.... I-In times of n-need and s-stress it is b-best to do what is m-most comforting....

So... i-if it would be alright... c-could I use the Ch-Church for Mass if p-people were interested?

Confession I

[Action 1: Inside 1647 Albright Lane]

[Alessandro wasn't sure how to deal with the situation, it was completely out of his scope of comprehension. He had been in his room, he was at the Papal mansion, how could anyone have kidnapped him? And even if he had been kidnapped, what sort of place was this? The room was strange, the things in the room were strange, it was like something out of an ancient book. Where was he exactly?

It took him hours to dare leave that room but when he found it wasn't locked he couldn't think of anything else to do. If only he could find someone....



[A telephone, he knew what that was, though he wasn't sure how useful it would be since he wasn't even sure where he was. So many places didn't have proper lines, that was why radio and other communication devices were generally preferred, but it was worth a try.]


[There's a long pause, there's no response. Perhaps the phone was dead after all. He could just cry!]

P-please... S-someone, please hear me. I n-need to be p-patched to Rome. A-anyone? Someone? P-please... I d-don't know where I am....

[The rather frightened and stressed voice starts to cry]

[Action 2: outside 1647 Albright Lane]

[There is a very lost young boy, he seems incredibly scared and nervous and could keel over from a strong breeze any moment. He's wearing the usual Mayfield fair, only he seems to not be overly uncomfortable with a bow tie on.

While he's looking around the porch area a drone walking down the street raises a hand and greets him with his fake name. Awkwardly Alessandro nods his head but seems even more unsure than before.

D-did I die and go to p-purgatory...?


Pope Alessandro XVIII

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